Concertgoer partially paralyzed in freak accident after punk rock singer stage dives

Concert goers attend a live concert

A 24 year old woman named Bird Piché is partially paralyzed and can reportedly only move her arms John Floreanithe singer of the Australian punk band Trophy eyesShe jumped on top of her.

According to WGRZ, the accident occurred on April 30 during the band’s performance in Buffalo, NY at a venue called Mohawk Place. A family friend, Leo Wolter Tejera, told the news station the incident occurred during the first song of the concert. The singer lunged on stage and hit Bird in the head, and “there must have just not been enough people there to catch him or they didn’t know he was going to jump.”

People reportedly thought Bird had fainted, but “she didn’t get up and John, the singer, was right there with her. So yeah, they took her straight to the hospital for emergency trauma surgery and then she was admitted.”

Bird suffered a spinal cord injury, with Wolter Tejera noting that she currently breathes on her own and can communicate with people through texts and arm movements. To help pay for her medical care, a GoFundMe was created and the band Trophy Eyes donated $5,000. As of this writing, the GoFundMe has raised over $59,000 of its $100,000 goal.

Wolter Tejera also weighed in on Bird’s possible prognosis and future regarding the injury, telling WGRZ: “From my understanding and the conversations we’ve heard from doctors so far, these are catastrophic spinal injuries, you just can’t tell.” and they take a lot of time and patience to see what the result will really be.

Trophy Eyes recently publicly responded to the incident and continued to write social media about how “heartbroken we are to be here now,” before adding, “The situation has shaken us all to the core and we ask for your patience as we try to help Bird navigate this difficult time. “

In an update from WKBW 7 News in Buffalo, Mohawk Place noted that it has had a “no crowd surfing policy” since 2011, with the general manager, Mike Thorand emphasized that there were “signs posted everywhere” and reminders included in emails with the band and the show’s promoter.

Wolter Tejera also spoke about concert security and mosh pits, stating that “there has to be consent.” They claimed that this was not the case in this case, but that “just a body fell from the sky on a person who didn’t know it was going to happen.”

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