Houston pizza delivery driver shot and killed, police say

A grand jury will hear the case of a pizza delivery driver who allegedly shot and killed a person who tried to rob him at gunpoint early Sunday in Houston’s South Side neighborhood, police said.

The driver was delivering pizza to an apartment complex at 3322 Yellowstone Boulevard around 12:40 a.m. Sunday when two people confronted him and demanded money, according to a Houston Police Department spokesperson, Shay Awosiyan. One of the two people was armed with a gun, Awosiyan said.

The pizza delivery man is accused of pulling out a gun and shooting the armed person, fatally wounding them, Awosiyan said. The other person, whose identity is unknown, fled, Awosiyan said.

The pizza delivery man remained at the scene and spoke to officers, Awosiyan said.

Police are unsure whether the two people who allegedly tried to rob the pizza delivery man were customers or residents of the apartment complex, Awosiyan said.