The Houston Texans offensive line is one of the best in the league

The Houston Texans saw real production from their offensive line last year, only allowing CJ Stroud to be sacked 38 times in 15 games. So what do they do after a good season just a few months ago? They add to the position again. Through the draft, they added Blake Fisher and LaDarius Henderson. Now their starting five is set for the future as Tytus Howard, their former right tackle, likely moves inside to left guard.

But how is this going in the league? Only a few teams can look at their offensive line, left to right, and depth, and see the position as high as the Texans do. Let’s take a look at their depth chart.

The Texans acquired Kendrick Green in a 2023 trade and have had 18 career starts since being drafted in 2021. The other Green, Kenyon, was drafted by the Texans in the first round of the 2022 draft and started 14 games during his rookie year. Kenyon spent last season on injured reserve due to a shoulder injury, but he will provide the team with great depth as he gets back into the swing of things this season.

Other draft picks in play, like former fourth-round pick Charlie Heck, has 21 career starts in four seasons. Juice Scruggs has started six out of seven games in 2023 and will look to play a much larger role on the team moving forward.

Overall, there is a lot to like about this offensive line. They have a good mix of veterans and rising stars, which means their future looks bright. This isn’t a team where you’re going to worry about what the line will look like in 4-5 years because they don’t have depth there. This is a team where you look forward to what the future holds because they are putting assets into the position.

Once they transition to a life without veterans like Tunsil and Mason, they no longer have to worry about where they will turn next. Kenyon Green and Charlie Heck would do just fine later.

As Tunsil turns 30 before the season begins and enters his ninth season, having his replacement ready and waiting isn’t such a bad thing. Tunsil has been a vital part of their offense since joining the team in 2019. However, as the team begins to transition to life with their young players that they highly value, time of Tunsil could end in Houston before the end of his new three-year contract. up.

For Mason, he will be 31 before the season starts and has signed a three-year deal in 2023. If they want to see what they have in Kenyon Green, they could move on from Mason before his contract expires in 2027 and save $9.5. M in the ceiling space, according to Spotrac.

Regardless, when you look closely, the Texans are in a very good place this season and beyond. We’ve already mentioned how adding Ben Skowronek could allow them to free up Andrew Beck and maintain a roster spot. If they value the offensive line as much as I do, they might look to keep an additional lineman on the active roster.