85-year-old woman fends off cowardly sexual predators with a walking aid

An elderly woman has come forward to share her harrowing experience as authorities seek public help in apprehending a callous predator.

The 85-year-old victim returned to her apartment complex on Simmons St, South Yarra on April 1, but was followed into an elevator by a young man at around 2pm

According to police reports, the man, believed to be in his early 20s, tried to ask the woman to perform a sexual act, accompanied by an offer of money. After the victim declined the offer, the man sexually assaulted her before exiting the elevator on the 10th floor of the apartment complex.

After the attack, the 85-year-old victim decided to get out on the 11th floor, but was subjected to a second attack by the same man, who had apparently used the stairs to get to the next floor. He then fled the scene.

Detective Senior Constable Andrew Turton revealed the suspect gained entry to the residence by closely following a resident. He then stayed in the foyer for about 45 minutes before selecting his victim.

“What is concerning is the premeditated nature of the crime,” Turton noted. “It is clear that this was not an impulsive act but a calculated attack.”

The perpetrator’s continued presence in the community over the past month has caused great concern among law enforcement officials. Despite intensive efforts by the investigators, the previous leads have proven to be in vain.

In her account of the ordeal, the victim, whose identity has not yet been released, described using her walker to repel the attacker during the second confrontation.

“I screamed for help and a friendly lady gave me a phone to contact the authorities,” she said. “However, the attacker threatened to return and cause me more harm.”

The victim also expressed her fears about using the elevator unaccompanied and expressed a desire to leave the premises. “I feel desperate and shocked all the time,” she shared.

Turton speculated that the perpetrator may not be a resident of the area or may have recently arrived. To facilitate the arrest process, police distributed footage of a person of interest.

The person was described as being of Asian descent, approximately 180cm tall, with close-cropped black hair and unkempt facial hair. The subject was observed wearing a black hoodie with “Jordan” written on the back, as well as black pants and sneakers.

“This abhorrent behavior is intolerable in our community,” Turton said. “Our commitment remains unwavering to protect the public from individuals of this nature.”