Sexual assault victim says she wasn’t kidnapped; Questions now about Revanna’s arrest

SIT officials are taking JDS MLA HD Revanna to Bowring Hospital for a medical check-up in Bengaluru on Sunday.

SIT officials are taking JDS MLA HD Revanna to Bowring Hospital for a medical check-up in Bengaluru on Sunday. Photo | Express

MYSURU: In a major twist in the sexual assault victim kidnap case in which the special investigation team had arrested JDS MLA HD Revanna, a video clip purportedly showing the victim has surfaced on social media. In the clip, the woman claimed that no one kidnapped her and that Revanna and his son and Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna are innocent.

The woman was working as a domestic helper at Revnna’s apartment when she was allegedly sexually abused.

The video comes a day before Revanna’s bail application, which is scheduled to be heard in a special court on Monday. In the short clip, the woman says she visited her relatives’ house in Hunsur for a few days. But when she saw the news on television that her son Raju had lodged a police complaint against Revanna, his close associate Satish Babu and Prajwal, she was shocked, she claimed.

“I was worried why my son had filed a complaint even though I had not been kidnapped. I would like to clarify that Revanna, Prajwal Revanna and Babanna (Satish Babu) have not harmed me. They took very good care of me. I have no connection with the video released on mobile phones (Prajwal Revanna sleaze video). Nobody harmed me. I didn’t do anything wrong,” she said. The woman also assured family members that she was fine and would return home soon.

“No one should panic. I’m in a safe place. I request the police not to harass my family members by visiting our house. Since there are small children in our house, they will be afraid. Since we are workers, our neighbors will see our family in a bad light if the police regularly visit our house. Leave us alone. If we encounter a problem, we contact the police station. But at the moment we don’t have a problem. If my family members have problems, the police will be responsible. “My son filed a report in a panic while I was at a relative’s house,” the woman said.

However, TNIE has not independently verified the authenticity of the video which is doing the rounds on social media platforms and also television channels.

Meanwhile, the relative also claimed that the “victim” had come to her house to seek medical treatment at a Hunsur hospital. However, she said police picked her up from her house.

JDS MLC KT Srikantegowda narrated TNIE that false accusations were made against Revanna. “The woman’s daughter and son-in-law clearly stated that the woman was not kidnapped. They made the statement that clears the air. Why should the kidnapping allegations against Revanna continue when the family members have cleared this?” he asked.

When TNIE contacted the police, they remained tight-lipped. They only said that the SIT was investigating the case and they had no further knowledge about it. The state government set up the special investigation team after Prajwal Revanna’s alleged sex videos surfaced. There are also reports that the woman in the video clip that went viral is not the victim but her relative.