“Prajwal raped my mother and forced me to take off my clothes on video calls”: Victim tells police in sex scandal case

As part of the ongoing investigation into the sex tape controversy in Karnataka, a woman has made allegations against suspended JD(S) leader Prajwal Revanna and his father HD Revanna, accusing them of sexual assault and harassment.

Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna raped her mother four-five years ago at his residence in Bengaluru, the woman alleged. It was also reported that she had provided detailed statements about the incidents to the Special Investigation Team (SIT). India today reported.

She further claimed that she was forced to remove her clothes during video calls in 2020 and 2021 when Prajwal threatened her. “He (Prajwal) used to call me and ask me to remove my clothes. He called my mother’s cell phone and forced me to answer the video calls. When I refused, he threatened to harm me and my mother,” she said India today.

“Our family supported us when they came to know about the incidents and we then filed a complaint,” the woman added.

The woman accused Prajwal and HD Revanna of raping and sexually assaulting her mother. She explained that her mother’s Hassan MP always threatened to take my father’s job and rape me. She further shared that her father was fired from his job after they lodged a complaint regarding the matter.

The woman added that the JD(S) leader also harassed women servants who worked at his residence.


She alleged that several women had been sexually harassed by Prajwal, saying that only three people had spoken publicly about the harassment so far. The woman also claimed that her family was forced to sell their land two years after the incident.

“She (my mother) came home only every four to five months. She was harassed so much that she didn’t call us until late in the evening, around 1 or 2 o’clock. She hardly spoke to us. They treated my mother like a slave and attacked my father,” the woman alleged.

Prajwal Revanna accused of sexual harassment

Prajwal Revanna, the 33-year-old JD(S) MP, and his father are accused of sexually abusing and filming several women. Soon after the video footage went viral, a huge political storm broke out in the state of Karnataka, prompting the Congress-led government to launch an SIT probe against the MP and his father.

So far, three FIRs have been registered in connection with the matter, including cases of rape and kidnapping. Prajwal was said to have flown abroad on April 27 after the video footage went viral.