Mobile and internet services will remain suspended in AJK for two days

Sources revealed that the Azad Kashmir government has decided to suspend mobile and internet services for a period of two days.

After unsuccessful negotiations between the Joint People’s Action Committee and the Azad Kashmir government, the protesters headed to the capital Muzaffarabad.

Insiders revealed that the decision to suspend mobile and internet services was taken by the Azad Kashmir government.

According to sources, Prime Minister Shehbaz has called a meeting scheduled for Monday on the AJK situation. The meeting will be attended by the AJK Prime Minister and all relevant stakeholders.

Furthermore, it was noted that Minister for Kashmir Affairs, Energy and Food Security will also attend the meeting.

Protests in AJK, centered on grievances over electricity tariff hikes, flour prices and elite privileges, have continued for the past three days.

There have reportedly been clashes between police and protesters in recent days, leaving one police officer dead and several people injured. Sources said over 150 protesters were arrested.

Although the Rangers were summoned on Sunday, they were later withdrawn after the AJK government decided to continue negotiations on the third day of protests.

Both President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Shehbaz stressed the importance of restraint and resolving the issue through dialogue.