Doug Snelgrove is no longer a member of the RNC due to an appeal of his sexual assault conviction

Former Royal Newfoundland Constabulary police officer Doug Snelgrove, who was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman he picked up in his patrol car, is no longer a member of the force.

Const. James Cadigan, the RNC’s media relations officer, confirmed Snelgrove’s departure via email Monday morning. Cadigan did not elaborate on whether Snelgrove was fired or resigned.

The RNC law states that internal disciplinary matters must be discontinued while criminal proceedings are ongoing. The Supreme Court of Canada rejected Snelgrove’s request for a retrial – and his last chance to appeal – in February, opening the way for this internal process.

Snelgrove, then a 10-year veteran of the force, was arrested in 2015 and charged with sexually assaulting a woman he picked up while on duty in downtown St. John’s. He claimed the sexual acts between them were consensual.

The case remained in court for nine years, with multiple appeals and trials. He maintained his position at the RNC throughout, although he received no salary during this time.

Snelgrove was convicted in 2021 after his third trial and sentenced to four years in prison.

He has exhausted his options for appeal.

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