Dell confirms data breach investigation

May 13 (UPI) – Dell Technologies confirmed it was investigating a data breach involving a portal that accessed customer information and contacted law enforcement.

The US technology company confirmed the breach to UPI, saying in an email that the Dell portal in question had access to a database containing “limited types of customer information”, including name and physical address as well as certain Dell hardware – and ordering information.

“It did not contain any financial or payment information, email address, phone number or other highly sensitive customer data,” it said.

“Upon discovering this incident, we immediately implemented our incident response procedures, took containment measures, began an investigation and notified law enforcement.”

The announcement came after Dell announced access to customers in an email last week. The company said it believes “there is no significant risk… given the nature of the information involved.”

Dell told UPI that it has a cybersecurity program designed to limit risk, including to its customers and partners, and that the program includes “rapid assessment and response” to detected threats.

The investigation into the breach is being supported by forensic specialists, it said.

“We continue to monitor the situation and take measures to protect our customers’ information. While we do not believe there is a significant risk to our customers given the nature of the information involved, we are taking proactive steps to notify them if necessary,” it said.

When asked how many customers might be affected, Dell told UPI that it would not disclose that information because it could jeopardize the integrity of ongoing investigations.