Hawks Roster: Ranking Atlanta’s Top Prospects After Winning No. 1 Pick in 2024 NBA Draft Lottery

The Hawks have quite a decision to make on their hands.

Atlanta entered the 2024 NBA Draft lottery with just a three percent chance of landing the top pick. He walks away with the entire class of prospects at his discretion after receiving the No. 1 overall selection.

There is still a lot of work to do. This year’s draft is as volatile as it gets. There are a handful of players who can compete for the title of best player available, from Alex Sarr to Stephon Castle. Nonetheless, the powers that be within the Hawks front office – namely general manager (and good luck charm) Landry Fields – are hoping to reach a consensus sooner rather than later.

The stakes are high for head coach Quin Snyder’s group, especially with rumors swirling around the futures of star guards Trae Young and Dejounte Murray.

With that, here’s a look at the Hawks’ roster heading into the 2024-25 season, as well as a look at some of the draft’s top prospects and where they fit within the franchise.

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Roster of the Atlanta Hawks

Unlike its lottery counterparts, Atlanta is far from a terrible team. He went 36-46 in 2023-24, good for 10th place in the Eastern Conference. The Hawks were defeated in the Play-In tournament by the Bulls. However, they remain a solid, if unspectacular, team led by one of the most seductive talents in sports: Trae Young.

Young is the star making things happen in ATL. During his six-year stay in Atlanta, Young averaged 25.5 points and 9.5 assists per night. He’s not only one of the league’s deadliest shooters, but also one of its greatest playmakers.

Young is a formidable No. 1 in today’s NBA. But he is not alone. Dejounte Murray joins him in the backcourt, although rumors have persisted linking him with a departure in recent months.

Here’s a closer look at Atlanta’s roster ahead of what appears to be a crucial offseason for the franchise:

No. Player Age Position Height School/Country
41 Saddiq Bey 25 G/F 6-7 Villanova
13 Bogdan Bogdanovic 31 g 6-5 Serbia
4 Kobe Bufkin 20 g 6-5 Michigan
15 Clint Capela 29 VS 6-10 Swiss
24 Bruno Fernando 25 FC 6-9 Maryland
2 Trent Forrest 25 g 6-4 State of Florida
14 AJ Griffin 20 F 6-6 Duke
18 Mouhamed Guèye 21 F 6-10 Washington State
12 De’Andre Hunter 26 F 6-8 Virginia
1 Jalen Johnson 22 F 6-8 Duke
27 Vit Krejci 23 g 6-8 Czech Republic
3 Seth Lundy 24 Girlfriend 6-4 State of Pennsylvania
25 Mathews Garrison 27 g 6-6 Lip comb
32 Wesley Matthews 37 g 6-5 Marquette
5 Defeat Murray 27 g 6-5 Washington
17 Onyeka Okongwu 23 FC 6-10 U.S.C.
11 Trae Young 25 g 6-1 Oklahoma

Ranking the Hawks’ top prospects with the No. 1 pick

The Hawks have their pick of the roster when it comes to determining who to select in the 2024 NBA Draft. Are they looking to find a long-term replacement for Clint Capela, a dynamic wing capable of sharing the offensive load with Young or something else ?

Everything is on the table for Fields and his front office colleagues ahead of next month’s NBA draft.

Here are the top seven prospects from Kyle Irving’s latest big board along with his expert analysis:

1. Alexandre Sarr, Perth Wildcats (NBL, Australia)

  • Age: 19
  • Position: VS
  • Height: 7-0

Sarr had an interesting journey before becoming our No. 1 prospect in the 2024 NBA Draft. The French native played two seasons in the Overtime Elite developmental league before taking his talents to the Australian NBL Next Stars program.

Sarr fits the mold of a modern center capable of doing more than just running rim to rim. He’s long and athletic, and the combination of his shot-blocking and burgeoning perimeter skills gives him unlimited ceiling.

Sarr held his own while playing professionally for the Perth Wildcats, averaging 9.4 points, 4.3 rebounds and 1.5 blocks in 17.3 minutes per game.

2. Nikola Topic, Crvena zvezda (ABA, Serbia)

  • Age: 18
  • Position: g
  • Height: 6-5

Topic is the top-ranked guard in this class as a pick-and-roll maestro who can score in the paint at will. The 6-5 guard is an elite passer who plays as physical as his size suggests. He’s not as quick or shifty as most players at his position, but he plays with a composure that every team could use in their overall game.

Topic missed much of this season with a knee injury following his transfer to Red Star. Before his injury in January, he was averaging impressive 18.4 points and 7.1 assists per game for Mega Basket, which is also part of the world-renowned Adriatic League (ABA).

3. Stephon Castle, UConn

  • Age: 19 years old, freshman
  • Position: Guard
  • Height: 6-6

Castle was one of the stars of the NCAA tournament, helping UConn win its second straight national championship. The big 6-6 guard defends at a high level, can score off the dribble and create for others.

He showed even more versatility during March Madness, playing off the ball and doing dirty work in the paint on both ends of the court. If he perfects his jump shot, he has the potential to become the best guard in this class.

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4. Dalton Knecht, Tennessee

  • Age: 23 years old, senior
  • Position: Before
  • Height: 6-6

Knecht has established himself as one of the most consistent three-point scorers in the country, averaging 21.7 points per game on 39.7 percent shooting from deep. There isn’t a shot he can’t make – he’s confident shooting on the move, on the catch and off the dribble. His size and strength will help his ability to score seamlessly at the NBA level.

Knecht’s 37-point clinic in Tennessee’s Elite Eight loss to Purdue should leave a lasting memory in the minds of NBA scouts.

5. Ron Holland, G League Ignite

  • Age: 18
  • Position: F
  • Height: 6-8

Holland was sidelined for the entire G League Ignite season with a right thumb injury. The Ignite struggled all year, but Holland still showed plenty of flashes of why he was in the preseason conversation for the 2024 No. 1 overall pick.

The 6-8 forward is one of the best and most versatile defenders in this class. His energy and motor skills are unmatched on both sides of the floor and the glass. He has active hands to make steals and blocks, and he does damage as a scorer on transitions and timely cuts.

Even without a reliable jumper or shot-creating skills, Holland averaged 20.6 points per game for the Ignite. It’s a good sign when his offensive game develops down the line.

6. Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg (LNB Pro A, France)

  • Age: 19
  • Position: F
  • Height: 6-8

Risacher slots in just behind Victor Wembanyama (and Sarr) as the next generation of French prospects to grace the NBA. Competing in the same league as Wemby before going No. 1 overall in 2023, Risacher significantly increased his draft stock as a fluid and precise forward.

Risacher caught fire from beyond the arc early in the season for JL Bourg but has calmed down since. He’s still shooting at a respectable 34.9 percent rate between 3 and 31 LNB Pro A games, but that represents a 10 percentage point drop from his strong start. Averaging 10.1 points as a teenager in one of the best leagues in the world is still no easy feat.

With his shooting, length and activity on defense, Risacher will be in the No. 1 pick list in this draft.

7. Donovan Clingan, UConn

  • Age: 20 years old, second year student
  • Position: Center
  • Height: 7-2

Clingan put on a two-way clinic in the NCAA tournament, anchoring UConn to its second straight national championship. His performance against Illinois in the Elite Eight was the most dominant defensive game of March Madness. The Illini made just two field goals when Clingan was on the floor before the final 10 minutes of a 30-point blowout.

The UConn sophomore is a massive presence at 7-2, 280 pounds with a reported 7-7 wingspan. He is an elite shot blocker, rebounder and lob receiver who has the ability to run to the rim to hang in the NBA.

Dejounte Murray trades rumors

During the 2024 NBA trade deadline, Murray was one of the most popular names discussed on the trade market.

It was reported that the Hawks were seeking “at least” two first-round picks for Murray, a smooth guard who has averaged 21.4 points, 7.2 assists and 6.2 rebounds over the past three seasons. while hitting 46.2 percent of his shot attempts. .

Murray and Young have not worked out so far. This is largely due to reasons beyond the duo’s control – the Hawks are severely lacking on the wings, putting added pressure on Young and Murray on both the offensive and defensive ends. At this point, Murray’s reputation as an A-level point-of-attack defender has yet to materialize. He’s still good in that capacity. But with an imperfect defense, he did not shine like in San Antonio.

Many playoff contenders called about Murray before the trade deadline. It wouldn’t be surprising if these same teams remained interested in his services. However, the package would have to be significant for Atlanta to move. The Hawks are in a strong position heading into the draft. If the offer isn’t good, Murray will likely stay.

Trade rumors with Trae Young

Much like Murray, Young’s name has swirled in trade rumors throughout the year. Unlike Murray, however, such a deal seems more unlikely.

Young is undoubtedly one of the best offensive centers in the NBA. The prospect of pairing him with a highly touted youngster — especially someone like Sarr, who offers enticing chops as a modern big — should captivate Fields. Young’s position in the league is much higher than that of Murray. To get him back would require an otherworldly offer, one that will likely feature a treasure trove of picks and/or prospects.