Chris Finch wasn’t disappointed that Jamal Murray wasn’t suspended

Between Games 2 and 3 of the Western Conference semifinals, there was much debate nationally about whether Denver defenseman Jamal Murray should be suspended for throwing a heating pad on the floor midway through the game, seemingly out of frustration the Office.

The Nuggets guard was of course allowed to play. His punishment was a $100,000 fine. And Murray took advantage of his availability to give Denver the biggest possible advantage in Game 3 on Friday, helping the Nuggets to their first win of the series with his sensational play.

Timberwolves coach Chris Finch was not among those outraged by Murray’s lack of a suspension. Finch called Murray’s behavior immediately after Game 2 “inexcusable” and “dangerous,” but noted that he never thought the NBA would suspend the guard.

“I thought they were going to impose a big fine. There wasn’t really a lot of precedent for suspending people, especially in the playoffs, unless it was a repeat offense,” Finch said. “Whether it’s a suspendable matter or not doesn’t matter now. I’m not saying it was the right thing, I just never expected the league to suspend him, so I wasn’t disappointed with the decision.”

Alexander-Walker talks about technology

Nickeil Alexander-Walker lost his temper in the fourth quarter of Game 3 in a way he rarely does. The guard went down after bumping shoulders with Denver’s Nikola Jokic off a screen. After getting back to his feet, Alexander-Walker immediately got into the face of the official Tony Brothers and received a technical foul.

Alexander-Walker then went to the bench and hit a chair before briefly heading back to the locker room.

“I was more upset because I was struggling. I’m not one of those people who flops and fakes it. I just tried to fight my way through screens. I felt like it was because I’m in love with my guy and he tried to slide over at the last minute to get a clean hit. I feel like my first option is to avoid the screen,” Alexander-Walker said. “Every time I get caught trying to move, I’ve hurt my shoulder a few times before. I tried to fight it. Then it happened again. I’m not trying to hurt myself. So at a certain point I know that Jokic is by no means a dangerous player. I’m just trying to talk to the referees. Could you please pay attention? I just got hot in that moment, got hurt and tried to play hard. Should have had a better conversation.”

Fans are rewarded

Wolves fans Jesse George and JC Stroebel have been getting $20 “Naz Reid” tattoos at Beloved Studios in Roseville all week – a promotion Stroebel started via social media.

On Sunday, there was a reward in the form of place cards that the team provided for the duo at the Target Center.

The two were shown on the video board during a timeout in the first quarter on Sunday.