Man charged with attacking autistic man on SEPTA train – NBC10 Philadelphia

Police have arrested a man who they say was caught on surveillance video attacking a man with autism on a SEPTA train in Philadelphia.

Sieed Thomas, 31, was arrested and charged with assaulting Isaiah Miller, 25, who has autism, on a Broad Street Line train as he approached Cecil Station on March 14 at 8:39 p.m B. Moore approached the police.

SEPTA police released surveillance video of the attack and received several tips from the public that helped identify the suspect, police said.

“When I saw the video, it became worse than I could have ever imagined. “I’ve never seen anyone attack someone like that in my life, and I’m 50 years old,” said Beth Miller, the victim’s mother.

Miller’s mother said he was on his way home on the Broad Street Line that evening after playing bowling with friends. Isaiah says it started after he tried to be nice and greet a few women on the train. Out of nowhere, he says, the guy followed him and attacked him.

“The attacker told me I was scaring the girls away, but that wasn’t the case,” Isaiah said.

A good Samaritan jumped in and pulled the guy off of Isaiah. Miller suffered injuries to his face.

His mother is convinced that the suspect attacked her son because of his disability.

“It’s more reminiscent of being at the Philadelphia Zoo and seeing a disproportionately large animal attack a cub. “You’re speechless and you can’t believe what you’ve seen,” Beth said.